The world’s largest New Year’s party is on Copacabana Beach. Over 2 million of Rio’s residents and visitors party on the edge of the sea. Like people all over the world, they party in hope of prosperity, health, and love.

You’re ringing in the New Year, and you want your greeting cards or postcards to convey the right sentiments. Here are some tips to help you write the best New Year card messages.

New Year Card Messages Tip #1
Have an Accident

Mark Twain once said, “Name the greatest of all inventors. Accident.”

“Chance operations” is a term used in poetry to describe a method of writing poetry. It traces its roots back to the Dada art movement in the early twentieth-century. Dadaists were interested in our subconscious ability to make associations and meaning from random text.

Write a Dadaist poem for your New Year card by choosing a newspaper article. Cut out each word and place them in a bag. Draw out words and place them in the order they left the bag to create an original and strange New Year greeting.

Include a note explaining how you wrote the poem. Offer them meaning and creativity as your happy New Year wishes.

New Year Card Messages Tip #2
Be Personal

Greeting cards fulfill a need. We sometimes find it difficult to express our feelings for a loved one and so a ready-made sentiment can help. Perhaps we feel we can’t put it better than the professionals.

If you’ve received a personal note expressing affection, no matter how clumsily, it is so much better than a pre-printed sentiment. Sometimes, it’s the clumsiness and amateur aspect to it that’s so heartwarming.

Prepare to write by thinking about times you’ve had together over the last year. Write a short description of the memory and how it made you feel. Copy this into a blank card with an appropriate picture.

New Year Card Messages Tip #3
The More the Merrier

“The Wisdom of Crowds” written by James Surowiecki describes how pooling the information of a group of people often produces better decisions than individuals do. The first example he gives is of a crowd at a county fair guessing the weight of an ox. The average of the guesses is more accurate than most of the individuals in the crowd.

Apply this concept to New Year greeting cards. On your own, you can’t think of anything with enough impact. It all sounds lame or unworthy.

If you pass the card around a group of people and everybody writes a short greeting the impact is huge. Even a few words from each person can create an emotional impact.

New Year Card Messages Tip #4
Be Cute

child’s picture, no matter how messy and naive, is a lovely thing. The cute figures and crazy colors are so endearing. Even a bright painted handprint brings a smile to your face.

New Year is about possibilities and hope. A child represents this beautifully. No need for any words, except “Happy New Year”.

New Year Card Messages

Searching the internet for ready-made New Year card messages may work for you. You might find the right sentiment. Being original might take more effort, but it will mean so much more.

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